About us

Ewan’s Garden Accessories is we – Viktoria and Max

Our first headpiece is made in 2017, but long time before had started discovering the market of primary products in order to find the best ones and develop own flower manufacturing techniques. In all conscience this process is eternal, from year to year products of Ewan’s Garden become more perfect. At the beginning we had only hair pins, but now there are earrings, buttonholes, bracelets, handbags.

The most interesting for us is to give our clients an opportunity to express their creativity and taste. We’ll be happy to customize wedding jewelry upon request. Individuality is extremely important. We are eager to see the result and the final look of the bride. We want brides to feel unique and to be sure they are fascinating.

The brides we work with inspire us. When we see their wonderful wedding photos, their happy faces, their beauty, we realize that we have had a hand in it. It energizes our creative spirit.

We based in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Wandering its streets means to be inspired by baroque architecture or Art Nouveau. The gardens of Prague are full of flowers, this beauty we try to mirror in our accessories.